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S c e n i c      D e s i g n s

Stupid F*cking Bird

The play Stupid F*cking Bird is a dark comedy that calls for a metatheatrical space. This is the process of how I combined classical and modern aesthetics with the vibrant jewel tones of a Basquiat painting to accurately reflect the complexities of the play. 

An Illiad

I directed and staged a scene from a play called An Iliad. I wanted to create an immersive and tangible set. With a flickering fire barrel and stuffed dummies that the character set up to tell a tale and then ripped apart when she got caught up in her own story. 

This play that I directed and staged was all about mixing the metaphorical with the literal. The main set piece was a giant book with turning pages with projections of the backdrops. It combined both the realism of a tangible book and the illusion of a world constructed of pen and ink.

The Phantom Tollbooth

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